Box 1 - Cameras inside and outside this box, used in the past by Great Tits.  Box 2 - Cameras inside and out this years - Robin is building.  Box 4 - 22/03/18 Great Tit nest building.  Cameras inside and out. Box 5 - Designed for Woodpeckers, investigated by Starlings and used by Great Tits.  Cameras inside and out. Tree - Located on the same tree as box 5.  22/03/18 Blue Tits have started to build. Hog Corner - Hopefully we will get another Hedgehog, but captures all sorts day and night. Pond - A camera in one of the ponds.  Watch the Koi and Goldfish. Roaming 1 - An experiment with a subterranean camera - Scott Hollow PTZ - Covering the pond at the moment - seems to have broken. Roaming 3 - Covering a couple of holes in fences for Hedgehog access. Roaming 4- Covering a Sunflower heart feeder. Roaming 2 - Covering a Robin building a nest in the porch. Live Feeder - Live view of our main feeder station Live Feeder2 - New for Spring 2019 live view of feeder tray. Our local weather
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