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Welcome to our urban garden…
Creepy Crawlies
We hope to get a lot more from the garden in 2019 and with any luck there will be more time to do it. We hope you enjoy the results.  Should you wish contact us please email We have 17 cameras able to broadcast live, 24 hours a day, although not all work in the dark.  The majority are connected to bird boxes, although we have views of the pond, inside and out, and a ground level camera, covering a much used Hedgehog box (though not necessarily by Hedgehogs).  The live camera index is available here.  During the breeding season, video diaries will be kept on each bird box page.  The live cameras are viewed more easily in any browser other than IE.  We also use trap cameras that record short video clips when motion is detected.  These can be placed virtually anywhere and have produced some great results.  Video libraries are divided into various topics: clicking on the images below take you to that particular topic.  
 For items from our correspondents in Hungary click here Please look through the website, but if you want a quick video link -
Latest update 17/04/19: Pat’s photo page - last updated 11/02/19  Feeder Box 2 Egg laid Box 1 Incubation in progress Pear Tree Nesting in progress
       Check out the Live cameras to view latest video clips         and live action   Green Man community garden, updated 07/04/19 - Fox Cubs